2. 7in7 Jason Kim and …

Assignment 2: Completing seven projects in seven days


Right from the start, I knew I wanted to make seven projects that were related to me and my background. Because I take Creativity & Comp Lab, Physical Computing, and Code for Art this semester, I tried to stay away from computer programming related projects for Major Studio. I tried to make seven daily projects that just popped up in my head, no matter how stupid they were. I believed this project was a good chance for me to do projects that I’ve always wanted to do.

Day1: Jason Kim and Identity

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First and foremost, I really wanted to make myself a business card

My logo is where you would put your thumb when handing out my business card to others.

Day2: Jason Kim and Advertisement

I made a Snapple bottle wrapping in order to advertise myself and placed it in a grocery store beverage shelf. The advertisement had information about my homepage, facebook, and twitter. I also tried to play around with the Nutrition Facts saying that all people need for their daily intake is to visit my homepage.


Day3: Jason Kim and Product Design

I asked myself “can I make something useful without spending money and without technology?” Then I remembered Katherine telling me there were thrown away cardboard and materials on the fourth floor of 2W 13th. I went and picked up cardboard, paper, wooden stick, and some shower curtain clips. I decided to make myself a table organizer.

Day4: Jason Kim and Graphics

I decided to make a poster of everything that represented me and the graphics style I liked. This poster has a person made entirely of icons of all the product design concepts I made during my undergrad. It also has my favorite style of graphics and my logo as well.



Day5: Jason Kim and Pictures

On day 5, i really just wanted to work out… and take interesting pictures… and make a photo diary. I love to take pictures of things that people might miss during their daily busy lives.

Day6: Jason Kim and Doodles

I love to doodle. I love the color yellow. I love shoes.

I bought Sharpie pens, some badges, and a yellow shoe.

This equated to…

Day7: Jason Kim and Tattoo

I’ve always wanted a tattoo. But I knew I was going to regret it afterwards. So I tried having a tattoo for a day.

7 in 7 Experience and afterthought

I think the main difference between a concept and an execution is that when one creates a concept, he or she only thinks about a plan of a project whereas in execution, he or she actually does the work. There are many times when I think a certain project will seem interesting but I don’t have the will to actually carry the project through. I start to doubt myself of the idea and think it to be silly at times. Seven in seven gave me the opportunity to do some projects I have been wanting to do for quite some time now.

Because the project had no “wrong” way, it gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted. I tried not to create a concept that would link all seven of my projects at first because I thought it would then reduce my creativity to explore. I tried at most to do a project that first popped up in my mind each day – no matter how silly they seemed. Once I finished all seven projects, I realized all seven projects had a relationship to either my background or my personality. My business card represents who I am and my advertisement is a method to advertise myself. The cardboard box I made represents my industrial design background while my poster represents the type of graphics I like to use. I incorporated my hobbies of running and taking pictures for one of my projects. For the last two projects, it shows I really love to doodle and draw.

I do not think there actually is a real “finish” to a certain project as every project – whether one thinks it finished or not – always has room for improvement. But if I had to define a finishing of a project, it would be where one or a group would no longer have any additional ideas to further add to the project or finds or find adding more to the project will make the project too broad. I would like to say that my projects are finished within the seven by seven criteria but have lots of room for improvement if I wanted to further develop each idea. Although a project might seem good one day, it might look horribly bad the next. I don’t think any of my projects look horribly bad but I can certainly change them to look better. As an example, although I spent 6 hours doing my graphic poster and thought it looked ok, I saw it the next day and was wondering what I was drawing. But this was actually quite intriguing. This was one of the interesting things I found out about myself while doing the seven in seven project. Sometimes I’d grab a pen or start to draw on illustrator without thinking much but things were actually being drawn naturally.

I am very glad we had the opportunity to do the seven in seven project. Although it came as a stress when I didn’t have an idea each day, I think it was a good experience in that it gave me the opportunity to do projects I would have never done unless it was the seven in seven. I really learned a lot about myself and had the chance to release a little bit of inner self in me.


1.Identity: Stream Talk

Assignment 1: Re-imagining a social network


Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. are all SNS that requires vision. In other words, you are not able to multi task while social networking. I wanted to create a new interfaced social network that allowed “communication” between people in the internet. I thought what best way to hear people’s voices and to communicate than the old fashioned radio? I wanted to use the concept of FM (Friend Manager) and AM (Anonymous Manager) in order for people to hear other’s current status and music preferences online. The radio format allows reminiscence and to hear forgotten music and personal stories.

How it works: 

Once logged into Stream Talk, people have the choice of either being a “host” or an “audience.” When hosting, people only need to either upload a previously recorded file like their presentations or talks or they can record live through the program. Other Stream Talk users can hear your radio talks live and can interfere the radio with questions. The host has the option of receiving interferences while hosting their own radios live. In the Audience part of Stream Talk, people can hear to the most popular Stream Talks on a live, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. By turning on Stream Talk, people can just listen to other people’s radios while doing other work.

This is the flash prototype of how Stream Talk would work: streamtalk






Tangible Musical Interfaces Performance


Dr. Sabine Seymour | Assistant Professor of Fashionable Technology presents Martin Kaltenbrunner, who will discuss his work in sound technology and interaction design.
80 Fifth Ave, Room 802

Martin Kaltenbrunner is Professor at the Interface Culture Lab, University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz. His research concentrates on tangible user interfaces and the development of novel human computer interaction concepts within open tools for creative production. As co-founder of Reactable Systems he had been mainly working on the interaction design of the Reactable – an electronic musical instrument with a tangible user interface. He is author of the open source tangible interaction framework reacTIVision and the related TUIO protocol, which have been widely adopted for the realization of tangible tabletop applications.