1.Identity: Stream Talk

Assignment 1: Re-imagining a social network


Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. are all SNS that requires vision. In other words, you are not able to multi task while social networking. I wanted to create a new interfaced social network that allowed “communication” between people in the internet. I thought what best way to hear people’s voices and to communicate than the old fashioned radio? I wanted to use the concept of FM (Friend Manager) and AM (Anonymous Manager) in order for people to hear other’s current status and music preferences online. The radio format allows reminiscence and to hear forgotten music and personal stories.

How it works: 

Once logged into Stream Talk, people have the choice of either being a “host” or an “audience.” When hosting, people only need to either upload a previously recorded file like their presentations or talks or they can record live through the program. Other Stream Talk users can hear your radio talks live and can interfere the radio with questions. The host has the option of receiving interferences while hosting their own radios live. In the Audience part of Stream Talk, people can hear to the most popular Stream Talks on a live, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. By turning on Stream Talk, people can just listen to other people’s radios while doing other work.

This is the flash prototype of how Stream Talk would work: streamtalk






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