Scrapyard Challenge!

Scrapyard Challenge

September 25, 2011

Our team (Galina, Yong, Jason) decided to make a musical sailing ship entitled “Sound Wave.” In the beginning, we just started to tear apart junk in order to find some useful parts. All three of us wanted to make something that spun therefore we picked out a CD player. Unfortunately, although the time display and radio was working, the cd rotation did not work. We wanted an automated rotation but because parts were indeed from junk, the cd rotation motor seemed to have broke. Since then, we changed our concept so that – when in best-case scenario – the wind would be able to control the “sail” of the boat.

As seen on the picture above, random wires attached to the CD. These wires were connected to the power through aluminum foil and solder. The wire on the yellow tube would provide the input for the MIDI device and make sounds as the wire touched the wires on the CD. The two wires attaching would basically serve as the switch.

Because we wanted to create more musical notes, we decided to put a more wires grew out of the cd. As seen in the picture above, we color-coded the green and purple wires to make two other sounds. As the CD turned, this would not only affect the movement of wires on the CD, but would also affect the green and purple wires to create more crazy music!

This is the finished result of the “Sound Wave.” It has three different inputs color-coded yellow, green, and purple.

The inputs would be connected to the blue wires while the power source was connected to the red wires.

It was really fun playing around with junk. At first, i was thinking to myself if I could actually get junk to produce music. I realized the power of aluminum foils, wires, and solders. It was very fun to think of other methods of switches and to make totally random music!

Below is the video link of our Sound Wave working. You can’t really hear our sound because the video was taken during the huge music jam session.

Scrapyard Challenge







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