Scrapyard Challenge 2011 Parsons DT

For the scrapyard challenge I teamed up with Peter Chang, I-Shan Naomi Lin, and Wen Ching to build a robot. Initially I made a robot that was about 12 inches tall, however it ended up being too heavy to move on the motorized ball. So we decided to cut the bottom of the robot and see if that would fix the problem. Unfortunately it was still too heavy to move so we cut a bit more and a bit more…. and yet it still weighed too much. As a result of this discovery in the process the team opted to create a smaller robot. We created a bride and groom and an aisle with an obstacle course. The grooms mission was to meet the bride and on his way he would come in contact with pillars of tin-foil. The area box was covered in tin-foil so it was conductive and the groom was wired so that every time he hit a wall or pillar a noise/music was made. Check out the Vimeo video of our final presentation and project. I compiled a video documenting the progress of my project and my peer’s work. You may view the video of our Scrapyard project on Vimeo. There is also an album on FlickR that captures our project from start to finish. View my FlickR album of Scrapyard Challenge 2011 Parsons DT

Scrapyard was a fun project and I ended up creating something fun from junk.

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