7 on 7 Project – Reflection

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When I started the brainstorming process for this project, I went in with the intentions of walking away with learning or trying things I have never done before. I feel like I slightly accomplished that, but I also ended up sharpening up on the skills I picked up or learned in Boot Camp. I think either way, this exercise was great in that I spent a great deal simply practicing and perfecting, and I learned how to do some new things too, and hopefully, if I were to get the chance to do this project again, I would think of different ways to approach it, perhaps even plan a bit ahead of time.

I think that because I was given so much leeway, it was hard to organize and think out what I would do. Of all my projects, I had the most fun working on the Cinemagraph, I think not only because it was a challenge, but because I was surprised I actually was able to make one. It was definitely a huge challenge. I’m not sure though which one I liked the least. I guess I would say it was the soundtrack and the Adult Swim Bumper, although when I created it, the whole goal was to make it feel like an Adult Swim Bumper, and obviously, the Bumpers serve as a means to promote something, I’m not sure if they’re necessarily funny. The site “Bumpworthy” was quite a lot of fun and became of great use in helping me complete the Adult Swim Bumper challenge. If the goal was to create ugly work, I think, to a certain extent, I succeeded with my Illustration.

As this experience started out, I went in with high ambitions of what I could pull off. I wanted to bake vegan cake hamburgers (cake shaped to look like a hamburger, which I found an incredible tutorial for), but I ended up going a different route, and I don’t necessarily think it was a bad route either. I took baby steps and tried to tackle the stuff I anticipate in school. And I feel a little more assured of what I might be able to accomplish in the semesters to come.

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