Assignment02 : 7 in 7

Assignment02 : 7 in 7

It’s a great opportunity for me to express whatever I want in this project, when there is no limitation in the requirement of the project. After around two months experience here, New York, I’m still so intense and overwhelmed with everything going around and in my life. Hence, I tried to do this project by doing Art from what I felt and thought everyday.

Even though we were supposed to finish every piece everyday, but it’s impossible to me to do totally everything in one day, since there were lots of thing to be done in someday e.g. tight schedule for elective classes from Monday to Wednesday, group project, weather etc. However, what I could do was just to plan everything out and kept sketching all my ideas every time I could.

Luckily in production process, I asked my roommate about places to get all supplies like cheap frame, paper or used magazines. Some part of time was spent as finding shop with right price I could afford. On Sunday, I went to Strand bookshop and found lots of great stuffs to use for collage. For the lesson I learn from this project, I learn that school new working space isn’t that bad. Still it would have been better to have own space or at least some place that I could leave my stuffs. Another important lesson is to try to think positive when everything doesn’t work out or not reliable. After all I’m quite proud that in the end I could get every piece done as good as I expected and learnt from critics in class as well.

01 : Rain, After I Met Irene
Wood carved

It rained so many times during the week, which reminded me about Irene hurricane and experience of a strange first week when school started. For the process, I tried to express that heavy rain in the reverse action by using laser cut to carve a piece of wood.
02 : Chinese Meets American
Digital print mounted on red paper

In the Chinese restaurant, I saw this box and thought of the relationship between Chinese and American from the old time to these days. This piece is a commentary of that ambiguous symbiosis between those two countries.


03 : At Least Five Minutes
Digital print with handwriting

When I did this one, I had the question of how superficial some relationships can be. Somebody you know for a month, but still feel like knowing just a moment ago and would never ever get any deeper.


04 : I Like You
Digital print


This relates to Animism in form of a piece of paper that plays double-faced and tricks a viewer

05 : Not Anonymous
Used book


I happened to find this used book about legendary basketball players in the US. That made me think of what a friend of mine, who is an African American, told me in the first day here about racism and opportunities in society. This book doesn’t have a cover. Hence I cut all the African American basketball players’ names in this book and put them in the cover as a hall of fame.

06 : American Forrest
Collage images

On Monday I went to the Museum of Natural History and I was quite impressed by the talk and the film about Gregory Bateson. Hence I knew what to do to the used book I got on Sunday.

07 : Killing field
Artist’s sperm, napkin and digital print

Sometimes unintentional action might cause huge consequence. In Eastern philosophy, we believe the incarnation life after death, life to the universe or universe in life.

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