7 in 7

View my project presentation here: 7 in 7-d9-14-11mg

In seven days I was asked to create a new project from start to finish daily. In hindsight I see that across my projects there is a theme of environment and improvement. I am constantly aware of my surroundings and observe the environment I am in. I find myself being interested in cutting edge technology while I still have a great appreciation towards the natural. I am also interested in creating safe and healthy environments where I feel stable, protected, and goal oriented. Through 7 in 7 I have a better understanding of what types of environments I appreciate.   A few of these projects I was commissioned to do and I included them in my 7 in 7. Those projects too focus on bettering yourself (through exercise), bettering the environment (radioactivity detection system), and bettering the safety of society. Across my projects there is a chain link of collaborative effort and commitment to team goals. Even with the wall art in my apartment I found myself questioning my roommate, “What do you think? Do you like it? Is there anything you want to add?”. I also ask those same questions to my clients when going over logos and branding for their companies.

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