Jennifer final project feedback

Carolina: I immediately thought it would be perfect for a museum. I have a background in museums. It would be interesting to have the individual stories of struggles. It might be interesting to have video interactive component so the pulling of the book is tied into a video piece you’ve created. One of the things I think is important when bringing tech into museums is whether or not it is a learning tool. Museum of the American Indian in DC might be a good partner.

Angelo: I think your goal is super interesting. You are not just talking about something, but are in the middle of this. Somehow this still seems clumsy, but not sure how to make it more fluid. I can see people struggling with this. Not sure how to make it more fluid. May want to explore radically different formats just to see how people react to it. Hypermediality – when you draw attention to the medium. Transparency is when you are sucked into the story, like watching a movie. Going to want to keep the transparency high. Not seeing the need for computation in the book. How do you think this will increase the storytelling? Theoretical level, you’re in a tricky zone. Statements are problematic from a cultural studies point of view. The only thing you say is that you’re not native hawaiian. We have the situation of immigrants from north africa – and after one generation they are belgian. Read cultural studies of identity.

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