Paweena final feedback

Carolina: Congratulations. liked how you made a piece from a cultural standpoint. Refining that into a performance piece would be very interesting. Are you interested in a designed performance or do you want to take it to the street? Thinking of Nam Jun Paik, worked with television screens, worked with technology and performance art.

Angelo: There is potential in turning this into a performance, but right now it’s not there yet. Scenarios that tap into cultural hybrid state that is more interesting. It involves research that is not focused on technology. In-depth study of how you address immigration, dual backgrounds, etc. The video downplays the potential of the project – the love story is not helpful. Please us a good quality audio track. Apart from doing research on performance and issues – maybe you should look into cyberpunk. In which this dream is explored of using the body with electronics and the body becomes a vehicle for hybrid expression.

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