Parinot final feedback

Carolina: Congratulations. I will say that I lost the connection. You talked about movement, light… and you talked about how people can affect… so do you want to incorporate the viewer? To have people interact with it? When people are encountering this piece either on the floor or wall? This takes them out of their space. Waking them up out of their everyday? And that is something later on that you want to incorporate? And the material now that you are using? So you in the end do you see it being out in a public space? Gallery space?

Angelo: I’m honestly not very convinced of this project yet. I think the research is interesting, but I don’t feel anything when I’m looking at this. to make it really strongly relevant, there are a few ways to move it forward. 1) Make it interactive. See how you can engage the viewer. 2) This fascination for materials. I just don’t sense it here. I’m not interested I don’t feel the message. Continue exploring, bring across your interest in materiality. 3) Very predictable. You see a certain way of moving, but then I get bored. On some level you need to go deeper.

Study more in depth. Your research, DADA, minimalism, that’s almost like recent western art history. choose one direction, and go deeper. there is a whole tradition of kinectic art, or optical art, since you are interested in shadows and light. Anish Kapoor – the way he works with physicality and materials it is spiritual.

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