Alex final project feedback

Carolina: Like the title, communicates the idea, bridges the user that you want. Everything works in documentation – what kind of glitches did you run into? There are so many apps out there to support to do lists. I use gmail, and it would be awesome if it auto generated a task through gmail. Don’t know if you can do this, but what about a pull down screen? What about something that displays this back on the phone. I don’t know if this is something that you really see as a product, or did you really just want to build this? I like the cardboard display.

Angelo: I can’t add very much. clear presentation. liked that you listed why this was different than existing apps that was clear to me. The only thing I use when I use time management software is the visual overview. That is something you don’t get with the LCD. So can you add a time frame with an overview.

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