Vivian final project feedback

Carolina: Congratulations on your work. It was good to know who your references are. The idea of using thermal and measuring time, you see where things are missing in your work, but since this is a prototype – i like the idea of making it site specific, and maybe taking it to this place where the individual … using thermal… REFERENCE: Hans Haacke – he did the condensed cube and it was clear cube in a museum, based on temperature. more people had more condensation, vs. less, it had this type of behavior but with less technology. Where do you want to go with this?

Angelo: The system you are working with is a social/ecological system, in your presentation at it is still unclear to me, the social component – I don’t see people here – yet, the second one is a mix up or maybe could be more clear – with the farming workshop you mentioned you have an interest in growing or biology? meaning how do you define the environment, ? chemical or biological? this could be interesting and could add a dynamic later.

I don’t understand why this machine is so frantic? It is supers sensitive? I’ve used temp sensors and it the range is very stable? Why would you not call this data visualization? Isn’t it data viz?

Do you think someone who looks at your artwork, and the person knows it is about temperature, don’t you think there will be some disconnect? This seems to need to be resolved.

Is this about movement or body heat or both?

So that is the link between the social and mechanical and environment? Because you said it is not important that people know how it works, but they need to know something because a machine moving does not impart enough information.

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