Ramiro final project feedback

Veronique: If you want to release it you can use processing or open frameworks. It’s up to you, but if you want to make it a commercial product, otherwise you are tied to microsoft. OpenFrameworks is C. I would set it up with wherever you set it up, just target and put yellow tape to demarcate the space. As they are pushing each other they will see the boundaries of the space. It would be part of the fun of the game. Sound effects are super important. whatever appears to have a noted reaction. If I have my eye on the opponent, to have an audio signal that level has changed.

Carlos: So have you heard of the open kinect group in NY? Went to one of the meetings, discovered there are group of people who meet every other month or so, writing a book on how to program with the Kinect. you should go to the next meet up and see what they’re doing.

Veronique: You could trick it the same way you calibrate the room – have people walk to the four corners and use that to define the space.

Carlos: Simple rules, but you could show a three second animation to get across the rules.

Veronique: You can fix that rather than a skeleton, you can use the circle on the top of their head and make that shrink or grow.

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