Week 3.0 Mashups

Media/software mashup: rememberwhen.com

For this mashup, I wanted to see if it was possible to evoke a feeling of nostalgia that predates when most people had access to the internet. I mashed up Wikipedia, Billboard Top 20, Flickr and YouTube to create rememberwhen.com.

The site asks what the user’s fondest memory is, and in what year it took place.

In this window you write your fondest memory. The website then aggregates all the data from Billboard Top 20 from 1989, Wikipedia, which has a cumulative database about individual years, and Flickr to try to recreate your memory. If not recreate, then at least act as a catalyst to bring memories from that time period to you.

The website then creates your personal memory video.

Memory video

You can then replay or share your memory video.

Hardware/internet mashup: Write to me

The concept of this mashup was to combine digital and analog so that every time the user receives an email from certain individuals, a robot hand would write out the email.

The user would receive a new email from a targeted individual, and once the user opens the email, the robot hand would start writing.

\”Write to me\” in action

The end product from one email would look something like this:

The robot would then continue to write emails repeatedly. The user would then have a record or collection of all their emails, like how gmail really keeps emails.

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