7 in 7 Updated – Arshaan

Day 01 – Shut Your Mouth:

Concept: To make annoying fans of the big three shut up when they keep talking about their soccer club.

Execution Method: Cards the size of a normal businness card as it is easy to carry around.

Day 02 – Arsenal Anonymous:

Concept: Trying to partly bring to life a quote I had read a few months ago. ‘Given the amount of abuse they have suffered this season, it’s about time someone started a group called Arsenal Anonymous, where people who have been persistently abused by the club they love can meet and share their burden in the company of like-minded individuals. I can just see it now: “My name is John and I’m an Arsenalaholic. I too believe it is all the referee’s fault…”’

Execution Method: Stickers based on ‘hello! my name is’ tags so that arsenal fans can identify each other.

Day 03 – Tissue Box:

Concept: When United are humiliating your friends team, what better way to be supportive than to hand your friend a tissue so he can cry in to it.

Execution Method: A small tissue box package that is shaped like a shoe to add to the feel of soccer.















Day 04 – Ronaldo Tribute Poster:

Concept: He might have left United but I still think that C. Ronaldo was one of the best players to wear the United jersey. I wanted to design something that would show how much I appreciated his time at United.

Execution Method: A poster in which I would draw Ronaldo using pencils, color pencils and photoshop.








Day 05 – Trophy Cabinet:

Concept: In 2011 United won their 19th English League title making them the most successful team in the league. There might be a lot of United fans out there but not many people know when and how the trophies were won.

Execution Method: An interactive flash piece that gives a little bit of information to the user about each title won.

Download .swf/flash file by clicking trophies.

Day 06 – We Do What We Want:

Concept: By this time I knew that I wanted to make a website as my last project. I felt a short animation like a pop up ad (flash banner) was missing regarding United and showing their domination.

Execution Method: A short flash animation based on ad banners showing up on websites focusing on the United chant ‘we do what we want’.

Download .swf/flash file by clicking banner.

Day 07 – United For Life:

Concept: As all my projects were related to Manchester United, I wanted to make a website to showcase all the work and a place where United fans can look at my ‘gift’ ideas and get in touch with me to buy them.

Execution Method: Basic HTML 5 to create a single page website showcasing all the work done during this week.





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To download presentation to see a bit more of the process click 7in7A.

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