7 in 7 – Arshaan

I think right after I finished my second project I had decided that I was going to base all my projects on soccer. It was a topic I really liked working with and there a lot of things that I can do with that topic. A theme I did not intentionally intend on was for it to be all made for a Manchester United fan. Sometime after the fourth project I realized that I was doing everything related to United in particular as I am a big fan of the club.

After the completion of my projects, I do feel that every project can be improved. To start with, the project done on the first day can make fun of so many other clubs. I can keep adding to the list of cards and make it a whole set for every league. However, time made me limit me to only insulting three clubs. In the second project, I can expand the project to include a facebook group page, a web page and maybe a poster. I feel that for the third project, the tissue box can be given more curves to make it look more like a shoe. I feel the poster, which is the fourth project, is probably one of the projects that I would not do much to improve. As I had the most time for the poster, I feel a lot of effort and time was put in to making it. Both the flash animations can have more animations and information. The website can be a multiple page website and not a single page website. It could also include a shopping cart and a blog page for United fans.

Even though I have mentioned improvements for probably every project, they all seem finished for what I set out to do. Before every project, I would determine how much time I would give for the project depending on how many hours were left in the day and how much other work I had to do. As such, I feel all the projects are fully complete as I executed my concept in all of them to a level where the concept can be seen clearly in each project. For this project I felt that every thing I did must be done to the level mentioned above and that meant knowing how to execute everything I decided to do.

Overall, I feel like I might have missed out a little bit by not experimenting with a range of topics and execution techniques. However, as all the seven projects are something close to me personally I am left feeling extremely satisfied with the outcome even though a lot of them can definitely be improved.

7in7 presentation

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