Final Project: Moduled the Multipurpose Lamp

Moduled is a multipurpose lamp for people who are in need of different functions, forms, and colors of lighting. Moduled is a portmanteau word that is made from the words “module” and “LED (Light Emitting Diodes).” The characteristics of Moduled being a product design that uses LEDs instead of incandescent light bulbs and the fact that Moduled is made up of different modules are the core and key concepts of Moduled’s design.

Moduled, although working as initially expected, still has room for improvement. In order to mass-produce, smaller versions of the Arduino or even small microcontrollers may be substituted instead of the Arduino Uno in order to reduce pricing and weight. Also, different types of LEDs and different methods of installation may make the LEDs brighter for better lighting. Overall, this was a project that I wanted to do ever since I came to Design and Technology. Having an undergrad major in industrial design, I was not able to actually make my designs work. All that would result from massive research and concept generations were aesthetical mockups or software scenarios that showed how concepts worked. I set a goal of making a product that actually worked. I also have a design ideology in complexity in simplicity. I strongly believe that things that are considered as “basic” such as lighting and “basic shapes” such as circles, squares, and trapezoids can be totally reinvented with the addition of details. I tend to try to find beauty within seemingly simplistic objects. Moduled gave me an opportunity to work with materials I have never worked with before such as wood, wood stains, rare earth magnets, etc. The process of trial and error with different LEDs and different materials made me grasp a better understanding of which materials should be used for different circumstances. I hope Moduled can provide the basis of new generations of lighting where people will have the freedom to make any type of lighting with any type of form according to their needs and desires.

You can download my final presentation here

You can download my final paper here

Congratulations to all of us!

Have a great winter break and see you all next semester!!!