Final Project: I’m not Hawaiian, I’m from Hawaii.

My final book prototype went through many stages in the design process.  This project began with an interest in communities.  I thought about what being a part of a community meant to me.  Then I began to think of the different communities I am a member of.

What I kept coming back to was the idea that I am currently being put into a new community in New York City.  Everyday I am dealing with people in new situations and often getting questioned about where I am from.  People seemed to be surprised to here I am from Hawaii, then often have questions about Hawaii.  I realized that more often than not, there is a misunderstand about what can be found there.

I took a step back to look at where I came from and began a project that has not only brought me to better understand and explain history, but recognize my identity.

Final Project Presentation & Final Project Paper

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