Marisa final project feeback

Carlos: Very mobile cause what you are doing. Very interested in this topic due to personal reasons. Not entirely sure though what you are trying to achieve with the website. Sees the posters and there is a strong message, but are you trying to start a non-profit or build as service? So are you doing a lot of outreach – twitter account and facebook – outreach is necessary. There is a moment of truth you are dealing with, when that kid is in front of the vending machine, you want to affect that decision, so what do you think you can do to affect that choice – can you overlay information over the vending machine before the purchase? How do you make kids actually listen? Overcome peer pressure, or other environmental stress? One last point, I like the comparisons you are doing, but there might be a way to affect purchasing decisions. Don’t just stop with criticizing but give options.

Veronique: It’s a great topic, very necessary. Two parts to the issue – raise awareness, and then to provide alternatives. The stolen poster is part of the inbetween – on the website provide a document that lets them track what they eat – not public, but as a tool for kids. Most of us don’t remember what we eat from one day to the next, maybe take them home to their families – maybe print 50 of them and tell them to take them home to their families. It might be embarrassing. Contact the school district – ask why you can’t have an alternate to junk food?

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