Peter final project feedback.

Carlos: Great little project. Why did you decide on the phone when the projection was in the space? Or was there something in particular you were trying to say with the phone? Was there a script you could follow, or how did you cue people to interact wit the avatar?

Veronique: Question, first of all you speak very good English. One thing I did not understand was that do they speak to you, or to an avatar? What is the point then, to learn the language you would use, if you don’t speak English, or was it to learn certain facial cues? Or was it a performance project? You have a language of expression, nodding, rolling eyes, ecetera. Did you think about using question marks or icons? Or dig you choose to go with the face expression? You know that this phone is actually sold for iPhones now?

Carlos: Are you done with this research or will you keep working on it? When you first started showing the sketches I though the avatar was going to be the interrogator, but it’s the other way around. Have you thought about flipping that around?

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