Scrapyard Challange

Scrapyard challenge as the name of the workshop says, was a big challenge for me because it was the first time I’ve ever created an electrical circuit which actually worked.  We were expected to make a switch for a musical controller, and at the end connect it to an arduino board which was plugged in to the MIDI software. Our team created instruments for a band that included a guitar,  bass, drums, and a turn table.  Bass guitar that I worked on was formed out of, three separate conductor wires passing through the junk that I’ve found, and a plectrum as the switch. Used lots of aluminum foil for making the plectrum. Whenever the plectrum touched the conductor wires, MIDI software created musical sounds.

Mash ups – week 3

Media Software – Where’s My Stuff

Many people have busy schedules and have no time left for shopping, so that they prefer to shop online. Almost every store has their own online shopping site, and there are many other online shopping websites. When we order items from different web sites, information and the tracking numbers are being e-mailed to us. If we have multiple purchased items from multiple stores, tracking shipments of  all the online purchased items can be difficult to handle. Some stores use UPS whereas others could use American Postal service or another delivery company. As a result I came up with this idea of mashing up basic shipping companies (fedex, UPS, USPS , DHL..) and all the online stores (amazon, ebay, urban outfitters..) in order to track all your shipments online in one site.
This mashable site called “Where’s My Stuff” where you can view your online purchased items and their online shopping sites. Contact the customer services, leave and read feedback about the shipments and most importantly track your shipments easily.

Hardware to Internet

To help skiers and snowboarders to find their way in slopes.  Goggles inserted 3g sim card having a internet connection, will provide skiers and snowboarders to view information through the screen on their goggles glasses. Slope colors will be indicating the difficulty levels like black, red, green, blue so that beginners wouldn’t have any difficulties because of entering a slope not in their level.

Maker Faire – Ceyda

Maker Faire amazed me with all the creativeness that it exposed. I went there on Sunday and my favorite pieces were the Arcattack and Lumarca.

The Arcattack crew created singing tesla coils which makes audio modulation from the output sparks of the tesla coils. The show was very interesting and also the building where the show was taking place was magical. Great Hall known as the church of science had electric blue glasses placed into the walls, to create the starry effect of the outer space with the play of light.


Lumarca Creators made a three dimensional space using thin white strings as a screen to project the animation.

Click on this link to watch the video.Lumarca

Soldering+led lights

I’ve made soldering for the first time, and made these led lights. Nice to have souvenirs.