Reading Response Week 1

You are Not a Gadget:

I read this reading first, and was very glad I did because it allowed me to realize that technology has not only been something new that has come into the lives of everyone, but has sometimes taken over. The one part of the reading that I took most from was the idea that we are creating things with good intentions, but with the evolution of technology and the many new ideas that people have, what was once good, slowly gets polluted.  The quality of the idea that was there at the beginning is unfortunately lost. New technology can definitely be beneficial to everyone’s life, but we should not let it suffocate and drive our daily life.

Natural Interfaces are Not Natural

This article got me thinking about how as technology changes, what I grew up with and thought was so “advanced” is now something generations in the future will never know. Now kids are being introduced to technology at such a young age, that their interaction with everything is getting increasingly”not natural.” I never thought about the idea that we once lived in a world without telephones, computers, buttons, and switches but these are all now actively part of daily life.  I really like how Norman talked about how things become “locked-in” and as technology changes, we are more accustomed to certain devices always being there. Is what we have now “locked-in” to our daily life good, or is it just adding to the pollution of technology?

The Great Wall of Facebook & The Web Means the End of Forgetting
These two articles worked very well together because it tied in two ideas of how the web is a great resource for things, but terrible when things are posted, or seen that you never wanted to go public with. I like how Vogelstein talked about how Google knows nothing about their clients, but Facebook knows everything. Thanks to the web, we will never be able to forget anything we post. Good or bad? Both. It’s great to be able to access information from anywhere, but it’s terrible to create the “online identity” that you may not want people to see.