Assignment03 : Mashup

Assignment03 : Mashup

Mashup : Hardware + Internet

01 Spirit001
‘Eyes are the mirror of the soul’

Once I heard this famous quote and thought back and forth of this era, which we have so many tools as extensions to our body. Hence, this piece investigates the status of a spirit of this 21st century and the role of those networking tools, which relate to human invisibly. Therefore, I created a box, which brings the viewer to the outside world. On the other hand the viewer will be seen, by the people on the street, like a spirit in the building. People in the street will connect to the man behind the box by text messages to ask a yes/no question then the eyes will blink one time for yes and two times for no.

View inside the box to the outside world


View from outside world to the eyes in the box

02 I (don’t) have so much time

In the big city when there are too many things to do, we tend to have less time to someone we care or it could be a distance problem that makes a wider gap between two people, so I came up with this project of dolls that connect two people 24 hours like a voodoo doll which put a somebody’s soul in.
The image of the people from two side will come on the face of a doll or they can see what the other side sees all the time.


Mashup : media

‘Can You Hear Me?’
I chose to do the vdo mashup from Youtube. This is like a commentary of what I personally feel about American pop culture, in the way that everything has to be louder, bolder or more vivid. In audio engineering world, they tend to do the same with new music, the louder the better to get attention from people in the radio. 



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