Week2/ 7 projects in 7 days – Ceyda

Day 1 to Day 5

I was living in Ankara, Turkey. So that, after coming to New York, I had to find a new place to live in. During the 7/7 project period I was moving in to my new apartment. Boring plain white walls of the new apartment had created the urge of adding somethings to them. So I draw illustrations on the walls. Theme of the illustrations are about what I would like to change about this new place I am living in and what was on my mind on that day.

Day 6

Why do people treat their dogs as barbie dolls? This project is focusing on the perception of New Yorkers, and questioning the way how they treat their dogs as toys. As we all now Vogue magazine is the one of the highest luxury fashion magazine, New Yorkers pretend like there is a Dogue magazine for their dogs with the way they stylize, decorate  their dogs and even take them to dog gyms.  I created these magazine covers for an imaginary Dogue Magazine. For the cover girls, I photographed plush dogs instead of real ones because I don’t think that people see a great difference between plush dogs and real pets.


Designing Stickers for MFA DT students. Self-made font reflects the aspects of this mfa program. Filling the letters with the objects that D+T students are surrounded with in their environments. Coffee Cups, joy sticks, robots, programming elements, metro card, 5th ave street sign, smartphones are the visible elements integrated in to the font and giving it a complicated , dense look which in my point of view defines the aspects of the program.

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