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Hardware MashUp

This physical mashup was intended for those of us who are master of procrastination and disasters of organization.

The concept, is a physical to-do reminder, that sits near you and perpetually reminds you of your to-do list. Many of us have a great deal to do in a short amount of time. It is difficult to stay on track and keep on top of your work. The to-do reminder has set out to remedy this, and reduce your hours of procrastination. Ideal for students!

How do I add a to-do to my list? There are two ways. One, any time you are online you can visit our URL (currently being tested at and append/edit your to do list through a quick and easy online form. Two, text your to-do from your cell phone to our number and it will automatically be added to your list.

How do I see my to-do list? Your list is displayed as scrolling text on a small LCD which is part of the compact and wireless device. The device may just be some little bot with an LCD head as shown below…

A prototype is currently being developed for this product.


Software MashUp

It is difficult to develop ingenious ideas in an area already so saturated. Because of this I began thinking wildly about mashup concepts that could be possible in the future. I arrived at an absolutely mental and outlandish concept titled AnotherMe.

Simply put, AnotherMe enables you to find other people on the planet most like you through a monstrous mashup algorithm. It was conceived when I observed the ever increasing trend of both the number of people online, as well as the number of people avidly sharing personal information. When every human on the planet is online, and you and one amongst (what could be) ten billion people, are you going to be overly concerned with privacy?

I compiled a list of items I feel can accurately distinguish a human…

Geographic locations, past and present
Interests and hobbies
Character and demeanor
Physical appearance
Views, political and religious
Genetic traits and DNA
Societal status/role
Achievements or misfortunes

With exception to health, character, DNA and misfortunes, most of these are already shared online by younger generations who have access to technology.

For this project I envisioned a future where personality can be captured and accurately stored in an accessible online database. DNA and health information is also shared through privatized databases. As we can suspect, access to this mass of information would lead to an unusual and somewhat scary future for mashups.

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