Readings Week 2 – Alex S

A new breed of web apps, integrating data-sets from multiple sources. No doubt, this style of development has become significant. Over the next few years, as more data is passed down to the public domain, and as younger generations readily share personal information online, the mashup formula will continue to grow.

Websites who generate revenue solely on advertisements are unfortunately forced to secure their content from mashups. These are mainly media sites: YouTube, Flickr, etc. This makes for an interesting battle between the mashers, and the providers.

Google has one of the best mashups: Google Trends. Amazing amount of information about the world based on Google seach content. If you think about how many queries are hammered into the engine every day (91 million) that is a plethora of data to work with.

Calm Technologies
Data from hardware passed to and from the internet? I feel this has been around since the dawn of the internet. As far as making the internet more ‘tangible’, I am not sure this is a well thought out approach, more-so, a step backwards. Technology is making the world less tangible, yes. Is this having massive social impact, yes. Are irritable blinking LEDs going to help, not really.

Amazing article! I cannot wait to have a camera in my living room that can somehow intelligently take pictures during my house parties. I suspect the first step towards the technology of intelligent things will be with RFID integration, or something similar. Objects will then have more identity, as barcodes are more-or-less meaningless to us at the moment. With RFID households will have itineraries of our items, which can then be linked to online networks. Many possibilities follow, such as tracking, sharing, and even more intelligent marketing.

Grey Album
Electronic producers love remixing and mashups (homonym). Many of them are very talented and enjoy the challenge of working with a limited set of samples – exactly as Brian Burton stated. I can relate to this article as I have spent many hours banging my head against Ableton (an infinite production suite) and generating a mess of sounds that were never consolidated as a full track. Conversely, when I make use of my synthesizer, the limited sound bank is more engaging.
In web context, mashups are used to integrate data while this style of mashup is about limiting the amount of data.

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