Since I didn’t go to Makerfaire, I would show some of the exhibitions I went instead.

Mostly every Thursday, they have so many exhibition openings around Chelsea. I found that going there was so useful to me and to my understanding in art more.

Here are some exhibition that I got impressed


Two Different Tomorrows, by Leandro Erlich at Sean Kelly Gallery


In this installation Erlich asked the question about our perception within a little space like elevator. In the big space he created an installation that looked like mirror images inside an elevator, but in this one he built many elevators instead. Walk a little further through the elevator shaft, rotated 90 degrees and I saw another elevator, which had a video inside. This exhibition was playful and gave me an idea of looking things backward.

Pionier I, by Carsten Nicolai, The Pace Gallery

The Pace Gallery is one of my favourite place. They always have good Post-minimal works and interesting installations. For this exhibition, Carsten Nicolai’s  work captured the  power of wind and the adventurous of exploration. I was so excited to get that kind of feeling like the first time human could fly.



Tight Spot, by David Byrne, The Pace Gallery

There are many buildings in Chelsea, which are parts of The Pace Gallery. Personally I like Talking Heads, and when I saw David Byrne’s work I got more impressed. It’s a site specific piece, criticizing about what’s going on in our world with sense of humor.

Dumbo Arts Festival

It was the first art festival in my life. They have many different sections and wide range of Art from projection to quirky arts.

The Dumpster Project was entertaining and made me think of Scrapyard Challenge. They collected so many weird trashes inside a van and drive around as a mobile gallery

-Artist studio opening section

-Weird art

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