Shaan final presentation feedback

Carlos: you should explain some of the global rules for the game. Communicate high level game mechanics. Needed to present divergence from regular COD.

Veronique: If this were a commercial product I would buy it because I am a gamer, but I don’t like video games. I like board games. Wanted to know more about the strategy. Great execution. Would place the cards on a stand. Can probably buy stands and plug them in. Would introduce the point system – like maybe a currency or coin so you have the sense of collecting. Would like more digital going to physical games. Continuing with an interactive board would be good to see.

Carlos: very interesting finding when you decided to go from card game to board game – so what is it exactly that makes that game so fun and engaging and how are you achieving this is in a board game. Looks fun, but not sure “how.” Be able to point out the stickiness.

Vero: Chess is actually a very violent game – doesn’t look like it, to observers, but if you can recreate that combative feeling in your game that will be very useful.

Carlos: Does the board need to be that small? If you were to go the commercial route, the board might need to be bigger. Does the landscape change?

Vero: Could you have several boards, or three different terrains to establish levels?

Carlos: used to play advanced wars, and remembered each square could have different turf – can terrain effect gameplay? Something to think about, can you introduce something into the board? Can think of add-on packs.

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