IBM Think exhibition response by Peter

I went to the IBM Think exhibition last Thursday and met some of our classmates there. It was really amazing that I am glad I got up early for it.

Before I got to the Lincoln Center, I surfed on it’s website and found out that the electronic wall was pretty appealing to me by it’s data collection and representation. However, when I was there in the show, the wall was not as impressive as I thought. Although it was huge and graphically cool, still we could see the rough details of the whole composition of LCDs. If it was designed to allow audiences to watch the scene from a longer distance, it will definitely enhance the entire visual experience( just like sitting in the middle of a movie theater).

The interior installation delivered comparatively better performances than the wall. I didn’t get a chance to capture much because I was too focused to take out my camera. The surrounding huge stone like screens gave audiences a 360-degree view of the promoting video.  Also, after the promoting trailer, the screens transferred into interactive devices, which was a big surprise to us. It was a really pleasant experience of using all those interfaces. There is also one thing I think shouldn’t be neglected among the whole tour. Beside technology, I think this exhibition tried to tell a story that is extremely important to all of the human beings on earth.

By gathering datas and putting them into an order that could be easily understood by public, people getting into the exhibition can be more aware of the status of our planet right now. Moreover, they tended to show the comparison of old style of data visualization and new ones involving technology. We can easily saw the difference and how designers now are trying to achieve years ago. Although IBM didn’t forget to promote them at last with the long path of their past 100 achievements, we can still learn a lot from the exhibition beyond design aspect.

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