Creation Ideation Workshop – Response

On Wednesday night, I stayed till 8 to take part in a late, fast paced session of the writing workshop that had taken place a week earlier on Friday. Created and mandated by Anezka Sebek, we spent an hour talking and developing ideas in an exercise session that was suppose to strengthen our writing skills. While I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos of the event, I did take some notes. The first video of the night, was a whimsical video of a book reading for Maira Kalman. It was from TED talks, and it was pretty fascinating. One of the other videos shared during this small sit in session was Steven Johnson’s “Where Ideas Come From”, which can be viewed on youtube: watch?v=NugRZGDbPFU.

We also shared some New Yorker comic panels, or rather, Anezka shared them, and then asked if anyone had read the New Yorker. “Then you aren’t proper New Yorkers…” she joked when she was met with some casual and blank stares. But aside from that, we did have a fascinating night. There were many ideas being discussed, and it seemed like a good opportunity to share our ideas and discuss our classes amongst ourselves. One girl wanted to teach Design and Technology to Children. My idea was to create an interactive story for the visually impaired. Then came sharing our ideas in 250 characters or less, or a “tweet” as Anezka called it. The class ended on that note, which was too bad. Although everything somewhat felt rushed and quick, I think I would have gotten more out of the 3 hour session. But still, it was a pretty good night and Anezka left us on one last note, which was to keep in touch and to check the DataMyne database if we had any questions about what classes to take next semester. And I, for one, still do. I’m hoping to put the packets of notes and references for writing papers that she gave us during the workshop to good use in the weeks to come.

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